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Taeggie Feed

Showcase and monitor your social media presence.

What is it?

Taeggie Feed combines posts from different social media accounts and hashtags into one easy-to-customize feed.

The versatile dashboard gives you many options for monitoring your social media presence and editing your feed.

Bring together your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts plus relevant hashtags.

Include all content or pick out the highlights for your feed.

Taeggie Feed account costs 29 € / month (subject to VAT) and allows you to create and publish up to 4 different feeds.

+ # = Logo black

The following demo feed contains:
# ikeasuomi
This demo feed contains:
# ikeasuomi

Why choose Taeggie Feed?

  • Easy 10 minute install with just one line of code.
  • Compatible with all web pages, easily adaptable to any size or shape.
  • Sources and contents can be easily modified without special skills
  • If something breaks, we fix it. Not you or your web developer.
  • Unlimited hashtags and accounts.
  • Fast refresh rate, only limited by rate limits of the platform.


Edit your feed settings, monitor content and view statistics.

Either pre- or post-moderate user generated content, it's up to you.

Copy the install code to paste on any web page.


Live view

Follow social media properties in real time with our powerful Live view.

You can configure up to four feeds with multiple content sources.



Freely define content sources from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Include or exclude retweets, filter spam by limiting posts based on the number of hashtags used.

Customize your feed appearance with color settings. Customize further on your website with CSS.



You can publish your feeds on websites, digital screens, mobile apps - basically where ever you want.

Feed can adapt to any shape as required by the context.


Try online demo account

You can also get familiar with our dashboard by using shared demo account.

Demo account feeds are deleted once per hour.